Business Optimization by Jon Warner

business optimizationThis book proposes a simple but powerful model describing four major levers (prospects, processes, people and profits) present in any enterprise and what it means for these to be “optimal”, with respect to overall and sustainable organizational health.

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Concepts of Coaching DVD – The GROW Model.

dvd growAs one of the cornerstones of most coaching developments, learning the GROW model and how to get the best from the model can often make the difference between a good session and a great session. In this 35 Minute DVD, Peter Hill coaches Lorna Edwards through a tricky situation generating clarity, ideas and confidence. Price £295.00

The Art of Coaching in Business – DVD

the art of coachingDr Gary Schuman interviewed seven senior executives in the US about how they have used coaching to get where they are today. Insightful, inspiring and in touch with today’s coaching world. Price £499.00

DVD – A Strange and Strong Sensation

a strange and strong sensationIn this DVD James Lawley and Penny Tomkins coach a client from start to finish using “Clean Questions & Language” to enable the client to break with current behaviours and breakthrough into a more productive future. The clients reflections are included at the end and subtitles on the categories, metaphors and techniques that James and Penny use are on screen through out the session. A transcript is also included in the booklet. Price £24.99

DVD – Management Styles 2

management styles 2Most textbooks talk of three management styles – autocratic, democratic & laissez faire. This DVD illustrates the three styles in a lively and realistic way. Ideal for Observing and then putting together a hypothesis for coaching each particular style. This is a continuation of Management styles 1. Price £149.00

DVD – Management Styles 1

management styles 1A good illustration of four contrasting management styles in different organisations that typify behaviour in problem situations. Three styles cover are Autocratic, bureaucratic and consultative. In the last case study a marketing manager is trying to push through change against bitter opposition in a local authority.
WARNING – There is some strong language, which has been bleeped. Price £149.00

DVD – Making Lions Roar

making lions roarA great DVD in so many respects – Team Coaching and the use of “Cultural Architects” and a “shared mental model”. How Visualisation really works – with Dave Collins, Head of UK Athletics. It shows the rebuild of the England Football team after the 1 -0 defeat in their last game at Wembley and the resignation of Kevin Keegan.] Price £9.99

DVD – Coaching in Customer Care

coaching in customer careThis DVD uses three case studies in short vignettes to illustrate coaching. It starts by covering some of the pitfalls and progresses through “those that think they are doing it right” to how it occurs when it is at its most effective – in other words it is not “done” to anyone but it is “enabled through the conversation” Price £149.00

Coaching Card

card 10 Practical Learning styles
A simple but effective reminder of the four areas of Orientation, Interaction, Representation, and Processing and each of their respective end of the spectrum. Useful to aid understanding on not only your type but your clients also
CFM Coaching Competencies
Having assisted in the research of the EMCC Competency Framework, CFM have taken the 8 areas and used this card just as a reminder of them. We have taken domain specific (no2) and broken it down into Sales, Health & Wellbeing, Leadership, Learning, Counselling and Psychotherapy. Price £2.75

Coaching Card

card 9Strategic Evaluation Loop
Evaluation of Coaching or any development for that matter has always been a thorny issue. The Strategic Evaluation Loop consists of a process to determine what the strategic need is, what the learning intervention is aimed at changing, Knowledge, attitude or Skill, defining the measurement tactics and then linking it back through to the management of the learning, measurement and strategy.

The STOP Tool
This card is an excellent aid memoir of Tim Gallwey’s tool to assist is arresting those inner thoughts that highjack our thinking. It clearly illustrates the four stages of , Step Back, Think, Organise your thoughts and Proceed. Price £2.75

Coaching Card

card 8 Statements vs Questions
This card is a useful indicator of where our coaching style and signature should be developing. Too many questions and our style can be too interrogative. So we need to balance the number of questions with the number of statements we make the will allow our clients to both reflect and challenge in an authentic way.

Conversations for clarity
The words we use in our conversations have value attached to them. They serve us well and so we value them. When these values are violated, breakdowns occur. By taking action of listing the consequences of this and discussing the repairs required to fix the breakdown along with stating the expectations we can reduce the breakdowns and conflict. A useful tool for coaches to work with their clients. Price £2.75

Coaching Card – 4 Directions in Questioning

card 2 This pocket sized laminated card covers the four directions in questioning and a brief overview of The Catalytic toolkit. Price £2.75

Coaching Card – The Grow Model

card 3This handy laminated reference card covers not only the coaching spectrum, but the GROW model and the Chinese verb “to Listen”. Price £2.75

Coaching Card – Skill <> Will Matrix

card 1The third laminated card in the series covers an overview of the Skill/Will Matrix and the NIP feedback Model. Price £2.75

Coaching Card – 3D Model & ISTAR

card 5 Once again two very good models for everyday use in the workplace. 3D looks at the classic “Diagnose, Design and Do”. The ISTAR model for action planning looks at the “Incentive, Sponsor, Timescales, Activities and Recipient” for all actions. Price £2.75

Coaching Card – WIN Coaching & AID Feedback

card 6 Two very useful models in the busy world of management. WIN looks at “What do you Want to happen?” “ What are your Intentions?” and “What do you Need to do?” AID covers a similar vein but looks at feedback form an action-orientated view. Price £2.75

Coaching Card – 5 Principles of Reflective Listening

card 7 “5 Principles of Reflective Listening” and “Coaching Contracts” are covered on this card and this one has been selling so well that we are now on reprints! The Listening covers CFM’s “To, For & From” approach to listening and the contracting gives an ethical approach to coaching. Price £2.75

Coaching Card – The Rule of 3

card 4The final laminated card in the series covers the “Rule of 3” coaching model and “Coaching through change.” All of the models used are covered in detail in the book “Concepts of Coaching”. Price £2.75

Coaching Cards – Full set of 13

cards set of 10Many companies buy the full set of 13 Cards and when developing in house training programmes  Price £35.75

Coaching Dice (1 supplied)

cfm training diceEver since our first course, these dice have been a talking point. They prompt the questioner to ask only the question indicated by the roll of the die. Thus reducing interference, enabling the coach to get on a clean agenda and bring some challenging questions into the process. Questions include Who, What, Where, When, How and “Tell Me…”(Chinese verb to listen). Price £3.50

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