Coaching Carnival 18th June, BBC Glasgow

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We are pleased to announce the first Scottish Coaching Carnival to be held at BBC Scotland, Pacific Quay in Glasgow, on June 18th 2015. Registration 9.15am (for 10am) and closing 4.30pm.  To secure a place please  fill in the booking form below. 


Morning keynote
Shona Mitchell, People Matters ‘The Demise of the Lone Ranger’
In the context of more emphasis on collective leadership, rather than the individual leader, Shona highlights the opportunity to bring together the best of coaching, consultancy and team development approaches so that we can help teams work, relate and learn better together.

Afternoon keynote
Mary Musselbrook & Sue Congram of Engendering Balance 
‘Balanced Leadership in Coaching’
To achieve ‘balanced leadership’ means acknowledging and valuing qualities of leadership practice that, until now, have been largely eclipsed. Mary and Sue explain what these qualities are, how coaches can develop balanced leadership in themselves to strengthen their practice, and what it means to coach leaders towards living ‘balance’.

Stalls EMCC, ICF, AC, Scottish Mediation Network, Scottish Government (Public Appointments & Diversity), CFM are open for conversations and sharing information to help support your personal and business development as a coach.

Panel Q&A   At the end of the day enjoy a creative open floor discussion with our panel on ‘The Future of Coaching, in Scotland’ with Mary Musselbrook (Engendering Balance), Paul Pinson (Vistage UK), Gary Paterson (Hunter Adams), Lesley Powley (Scottish Courts & Tribunals Service), Jeremy Gomm (EMCC) on The Future of Coaching, in Scotland.

Many thanks to our sponsors the BBC and to all the contributors for giving of their time and wisdom.

Please complete the form below to book your place. Once we have received your booking we will send you an invoice for £60 (including VAT) to secure your place at The Carnival. Many thanks! Peter Hill

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November 2012: Launch of New ILM Qualifications

View From The Hill

This month sees the launch of our new ILM Coaching and Mentoring qualifications. The coaching qualifications for levels 3, 5 and 7 have been re-developed to make them more relevant to coaches and mentors, more rigorous and more pragmatic. So what are the changes?

At level 3 there are now separate qualifications for Coaches and another qualification for Mentors.

All qualifications now have three assignments

Certificate Level
– A Work Based Assignment
– A Coaching Diary
– A Reflective Review

Diploma Level
– A Work Based Assignment
– An Extended Coaching Diary
– A Reflective Review

I am pleased to see that the duplication that existed before, and confused so many people, has now gone.

CFM Consulting Ltd. will be offering Level 3 Coaching, Level 3 Mentoring, Level 5 Coaching & Mentoring and Level 7 Coaching and Mentoring Qualifications, available on an in-house basis. Both L5 and L7 qualifications will continue to be offered twice a year on a public basis.

There will be three other qualifications to look forward to next year – the new ILM Level 7 Supervision qualification and two new endorsed awards – one in Coaching and one in Mentoring. Keep an eye out for these on our website.

Further details on the new qualifications can be found on our website and info@cfmconsulting.net.

Have a good month.


CPD Events



A big thanks to Susan Campbell and her team at EVH in Glasgow for hosting our debut CPD event at their wonderful event space in Sauchiehall Street. We had a full and enthusiastic house to listen to Peter Hill’s insightful presentation on Cognitive Behavioural Coaching. Given the success of this event we are now looking at dates and topics for 2 meets next year.

For those interested in viewing or booking Betty’s Room at EVH or their smaller meeting space you can get details on line at www.evh.org.uk


Monday 18 February – Gestalt Coaching, by John Johnstone
Thursday 16 May (tbc)
Tuesday 3 September – Playing To Your Strengths for Leaders, By Sharon Millar

Book now – email lorna@cfmconsulting.net

Newsletter September 2012: Parallels Between Business and Sports Coaching


CFM Coaching Club ‘A Place To Develop’ Wednesday 5 September

Wednesday 5th September 2012 

Alan Lynn, Senior Teaching Fellow, Sports Coaching, School of Sport University of Stirling.
Alan Lynn is a highly experienced and successful coach, having worked with swimmers who made finals in the last 4 Olympic Games. He is currently the Director of the globally recognised MSc in Performance Coaching at Stirling University.
His session will look at the parallels between sport & business coaching, arguing that successful outcomes in both domains are the result of goal-oriented, people-focused relationships. He will use contemporary examples from the recent Olympics in London to illustrate the links and challenges for coaches in each sector. Come prepared to debate, contest and justify your views!

University of Edinburgh Business School, 29 Buccleuch Place, Edinburgh, EH8 9JS.

Lecture Theatre LT4 and Concourse for registration & lunch


Schedule9.15 am  Registration and coffee

9.45 am  CPD session with Alan Lynn

12 noon  Sandwich lunch and networking

CPD Certificates will be issued at the end of the event and credits can be used towards EIA registration



To book a place or register interest email lorna@cfmconsulting.net


£10.00 to be paid on the day

Once again thanks to our event sponsors University of Edinburgh Business School.


Newsletter August 2012 ‘Break With Thinking’

View From The Hill

At the time of writing, Team GB had just equalled the 19 medals we obtained in Beijing. Andy Murray won a 5-set competition against Roger Federer in a Wimbledon Final and my son just received very good passes in all of the Standard Grades he has taken this year – including one in music that takes in into the higher bracket. None of these are insignificant achievements. In fact I cried like a baby when Andy won on Sunday – and I cried with him when he lost four weeks earlier! And yes I cried at my sons exam results too – for the right reasons!

All of this brought back fond memories of my first coaching session and a breakthrough moment that my client had and the feeling afterwards that I was in the right place at the right time to enable that breakthrough thinking. I still love that feeling, it makes every day worthwhile.

Stephen Covey maintains that it takes a “Break With” tradition to get a “Break Through” in thinking. There are many coaches in the workplace that create those “Break With” thought processes and we all owe them a debt of gratitude. They may not have clients that win medals, but they do so often get the wins they needed.

Where we need the “break with ” right now is trying to lift the negativity around the business world. How would our business world benefit from that kind of break with thinking? Then we may get the breakthrough we need!

Well done Team GB, Come on Team UK Plc. Have a good month

Autumn 2012 Dates at Stirling Management Centre

ILM L5 Diploma for Professional Coaches and Mentors for those significantly involved in management coaching/mentoring inhouse or as independent consultants. L5 Certificate level also available.  Dates: 4 September, 2 October, 23 October, 20 November 2012

ILM L7 Diploma for Professional Executive Coaches and Leadership Mentoring this challenging course is our most advanced qualification for those working at a senior executive coaching level. ILM L7 Certificate level also available. Dates: 6 September, 3 October, 24 October, 21 November, 12 December 2012

Please contact us about our open courses at Stirling Management Centre, Scotland or to discuss in-house programme options –  lorna@cfmconsulting.net

 2012 Dates and Details

Place To Develop CPD Event – Gestalt Coaching

Please note there has been a change to our scheduled CPD programme for September. We are now delighted to have Chris Partridge lead a CPD on Gestalt Coaching.

Gestalt theory and practice adopts a holistic approach to human development and learning, focusing on the whole person including mind, body, spirit, emotions and the role of relationships. As an approach to coaching, Gestalt practice adds value as a highly transformative process that encourages greater engagement in the present moment. This engagement supports greater awareness of what is being experienced and increases knowledge of self and others as well as concerns and opportunities. This workshop is your opportunity to find out more about Gestalt and its application in coaching.


Wednesday 5 September 2012



University of Edinburgh Business School, 29 Buccleuch Place, Edinburgh, EH8 9JS


9.15 am Registration and coffee
9.45 am Gestalt workshop with Chris Partridge, Kinharvie Institute of Facilitation

12 noon Sandwich lunch and networking

CPD Certificates will be issued at the end of the event and credits can be used towards EIA registrationCost £10 Lorna@cfmconsulting.net to book or register interest

Many thanks once again to our event sponsors, University of Edinburgh Business School, for hosting this event.

CFMi Coming Soon

In Development

Alumni Register – Transformational Coaching

Certificate of Professional Development


Ellie Garraway
Cara Rule
Claire Laycock
Mark Charley
Amira Asantewa
Keri Caines


Atosha Shapland


Helen Goodwin

Certificate of Performance


Harlan Lunn
Anthony Brewerton
Lesley Brewerton
Samson Oluwaremi
Nat King
Atosha Shapland
Helen Goodwin



Barry Dawe
Lionel Bridgman
Ellie Colley
Sonia Gardener
Mike Martin
Alex Ritchie
Marcus Williams
Marie Munro
Clem Browne
Paul Foalle
Everton Williams
Gareth Bradford
Steve Handford
Brandy Doubleday
Robert Halls
Philip Firth
Paul Dunn


Newsletter:July 2012

View From The Hill

peter hill

Coaches and Coaching Companies have to manage change like everyone else. We have three major changes in the industry this summer as far as CFM Consulting is concerned.

The first is we are moving from The University of Strathclyde to The University of Edinburgh Business School in relation to our certificate of Performance and Certificate of Professional Development courses. An exciting development – more next month… It is important to acknowledge Strathclyde and the important part they have played in the heritage of Executive Coaching development in the UK. They were the first University to issue a qualification back in the early 90’s. Many thanks to everyone involved.

The second is that ILM has updated its Coaching and Mentoring qualifications. These will start on all Coaching and Mentoring qualifications at levels 3, 5 and 7 in Awards, Certificates and Diplomas. We should see the benefits in the practicalities of the assessed elements, enabling learning to be transferred to the workplace quicker.

The third is changes to the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) and their European Individual Accreditation following feedback from members. Although the paperwork has been streamlined and easier to use, we are still waiting on the final costings for application which should occur during the next month.

We will keep you posted on all the updates and continue to manage the change. All we need now is for someone to manage the change in the weather!

On a final note, good luck to everyone competing in the Olympics during the next month, in particular, Andy & Jamie in the Tennis and Karen Darke in the Paralympic Road Race Cycling.

Have a good month,

CPD Event Mental Health First Aid Workshop for Coaches, by Shirley Ballinghall

1 in 4 people experiences poor mental health and 1 in 20 people experiences thoughts of suicide. This highly interactive session ‘Mental Health First Aid for Coaches’ aims to raise awareness of the term ‘mental health’, introduces a crisis first aid procedure for disclosure of a mental health problem and or thoughts of suicide and where coaches can go to access further training and help for their clients.

Date Wednesday 5 September 2012

Location University of Edinburgh Business School, 29 Buccleuch Place, Edinburgh, EH8 9JS


9.15 am Registration and coffee
9.45 am Mental Health First Aid Workshop for Coaches with Shirley Ballinghall, SMB Coaching
12 noon Sandwich lunch and networking
CPD Certificates will be issued at the end of the event and credits can be used towards EIA registrationCost £10 

Visit http://www.coachingformore.co.uk/cpd-events/ for more information or email lorna@cfmconsulting.net

Many thanks once again to our event sponsors, University of Edinburgh Business School, for hosting this event.





Register for Mental Health First Aid Workshop for Coaches (sep 5th 2012)

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