New Year New Challenges?

We live in interesting times!

A New Year is always an interesting time. Not least of all because it offers a balance of reflection and projection – something that is at the heart of coaching. Reflective practice is essential for learning and projection is essential for growth. Is it a time to build on the last 12 months or to change direction and strike out on new ventures? If it is to build on, what lessons have we learnt in the past 12 months that we can capitalise on to go further. As one mentor from my past always asked, “What do you need to do to make common sense common practice?” Another mentor asked “What do we need to leave behind to move forward?” Sometimes we settle for the same because it is easier and when we take an objective view of this, it is not always easier to remain the same. We can easily get distracted from the real task by fighting the tide of change, and that uses up a lot of energy!

On the projection side, how is your planning shaping up? what does your planning cycle look like? How do you assess real risk against perceived risk? Back to an old mentor ¬†of mine: “Just because I hear your concerns, doesn’t mean I share them.” This one always got me thinking “How does she weigh up the pros and cons and mitigate the risk in a way that I don’t? Usually I found the answer in her angle of approach to issues and opportunities. She would often work on the opportunities to outweigh the issues; getting more data, working on what was important rather than what was urgent and always working through relationships – that’s where the results were and where the enjoyment was.

By way of planning for CFM this year, we are looking at setting up another series of our well received CPD events – Spring Summer and Autumn and looking at both Glasgow and Edinburgh for our venues again – thanks to our sponsors in 2017 and looking forward to continuing these in 2018.

Our public programmes on Supervision and Coaching are continuing to develop and our work in clients in house is as diverse and rewarding for both themselves and CFM.

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