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In transition

What changes are going to happen in the next 12 months? At home? At work? Health? Finances?

Who knows? It reminds me of the old joke “Clairvoyant  wanted – you know where to apply”

The question is: who will challenge you, supply objectivity, enable a different perspective, give you a good talking to, give advice, research, look out for you, flag things up or just listen?

Over the last 12 months, I have performed all of these services to various people with their permission. I had no idea where any of the conversations were going to end up, so to that end, it meets David Clutterbuck’s simple definition of coaching “If you know where it’s going to end up, it isn’t coaching.”

Given that change is constant, (except from a parking machine!) it is useful to have someone in the wings who can coach or if you are a coach, then a supervisor, who can perform the above. In every case the listening is critical and comes first. This is typically followed by checking for understanding. We can check the quality of our listening at this stage!

Coaching has changed over time too. Once again David Clutterbuck shared at a recent EMCC Higher Education Conference the evolution of Coaching:

It was useful to reflect on this from my point of view as to where I started, where I teach, where I coach and how I switch between different evolutionary stages of coaching depending on the request from the client and the maturity of the relationship.

Our CPD programme allows you to sample different aspects of coaching from fantastic speakers and the next one is in Glasgow on 14th March. Lindsay’s the law firm have kindly supplied the venue.

The speaker is Nairy McMahon and the subject will be:

Welcome to the Edge: A Model to Successfully Navigate Change

The term “edge” is more and more part of our daily language. Situations can feel “edgy” or you might declare yourself to be on the “edge of a breakthrough” (or breakdown…)

Understanding Edge Theory provides us with a simple framework to work effectively with the complexities of change. This model helps teams and organisational systems to understand:

WHERE they are in relation to the change WHAT dynamics are present that may help or hinder the change process
HOW to “Cross the Edge” and implement change successfully

To book on this event please contact

Looking forward to hearing from you

Have a great month



Please note that David Clutterbuck is the acknowledges author of the “Evolution of Coaching Competence slide shown above and I would highly recommend visiting his website.

It is filled with information around his work along with articles and video clips.



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