Is there a Place for Health and Well Being in our Lives?

By Lisa Esslemont of soVirtual

The term “Health and Well Being” is one of the modern day phrases bantered about by many, and perhaps misunderstood by just as many. Misunderstood possibly because it is a title that can be easily skimmed over. Then it is only the really interested ones who go beyond the phrase itself to find out more. It’s like when people say “brown is the new black” or “pomegranate juice is the new cranberry juice”. These are all seen as fads that will fade as soon as the next one arrives. So it potentially doesn’t get the attention that it deserves.
In my eyes, health and well being is a way of life; an accepted method of living, something that comes from within your core of who you are, part of your values if you like.

I accept that not everyone feels this way. Some people may never wish to enter into the health and well being philosophy, believing it is nothing more than the latest craze that will disappear when the next one hits. But for others, there comes a time when you would like to make some choices about how you wish to live your life. For whatever reason, you may decide something about your life, about how you are feeling and about what you are doing and where you are going that needs to change. There will be a turning point when you stop and ask yourself the simple question “Is this how I want to live my life?” or “Is this the existence I want for myself?” It could be a death of a close friend or relative, a change in career, an end to a relationship or the start of a new one.

The fundamental thing to remember is that following a healthy life style, nutritionally, spiritually and emotionally is not rocket science. The whole core of one’s well being can start with the simplest of steps, and it’s up to you when you reach your balance.
In setting up my own business at the beginning of 2007, my continuing goal is to introduce well being practices into the work I am doing with my clients. Although in the infancy of it’s creation and not without it’s challenges, my desire is to assist clients not only with reducing their “to do list”, it is also to challenge them when they say “I wish I could get off tomorrow to go on the golf course” or “I could really do with a massage”.

People often do not think twice about staying the extra hour or two at their desk completing a task for work, but to convince them to do something for themselves, takes some persuasion. I wonder why that is? We could all ask ourselves that. Is it because the task is often being done for someone else, therefore, we are committed to it and feel we can’t let people down for fear of judgement or rejection? How will this affect my relationship? How will I be seen by others? What about the commitment to myself?

Most of my work is with business owners or upper management and there has been a history of “giving” to others or areas that take from giving back to themselves. Perhaps trying to climb that career ladder, frightened of a boss or lack of acceptance within a team / company or just the overwhelming desire to please.
What is driving me to incorporate health and well being into the working principles of soVirtual is to help people to understand that it’s not difficult. If you declare it, you have choices to make change happen for yourself. In the role as Coach, I recognise that my client’s biggest challenge is to acknowledge and believe they do have a choice. We give ourselves permission to work late, but we don’t give ourselves permission to leave early. In my mind, someone who has declared internally or externally that “I am leaving now to go for a walk on the beach so I can be fresh in mind and body”, is a far healthier person than the one staying behind and only thinking about those choices. They perhaps then become tired, irritable and resentful. All of these elements block the mind and affect one’s well being and eventually performance, relationships and perhaps even existence.

In my continual journey of learning and exploration of health, well being and how this is incorporated into my life and work, my vision is to not have it labelled a “fad” or “latest craze”, but for it to become part of our existence and every day lives. Also, it becomes recognised in our society as “acceptable” to look after oneself first and foremost and whatever follows after that is important, but it does not form our only priority.
So, speaking about looking after oneself, I’m off right now to relax with a cup of tea and catch up with the latest Hello! magazine gossip!

About the author

Lisa brings a wealth of business experience from many backgrounds and industries. She is a successful manager offering over 20 years knowledge of executive level business administration within oil related companies, hotel conferencing, banqueting and sales and marketing and most recently as a key business manager within an international coaching and development company.

She is currently studying Nutrition Therapy with the School of Natural Health Sciences and their philosophy ties in with her beliefs and vision.
Lisa lives with her family in the north east of Scotland.

Contact Lisa at or telephone 01888 561075.

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