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jamie mckelvieJamie, 46 years old, has been successfully training top executives and salesman in business for a number of years. He is continually working with leaders of excellence in the fields of industry, sport and training. He specialises in focusing on the performance of individuals and groups by developing an understanding of how they function and behave within their environment both at home and at work.

He now runs Coaching for Solutions concentrating on coaching, training and mentoring solutions for executives, managers, teams and individuals. He has developed successful goal setting, career path planning, recruitment and selection, communication and performance coaching skills from a wide arena of experience from business, training, a university Masters programme and a successful short service commission in the Household Cavalry.

The following are some example of developmental programmes that Jamie has effectively designed and delivered:

o One to one performance coaching and mentoring;
o Performance management and appraisal systems;
o Career development and career path planning;
o Sales and communication training;
o Leadership Development;
o Recruitment and selection the right people for the right job;
o The identification of training needs;
o Feedback training;

Jamie lives in Gloucestershire with his wife Juliet and their daughter Rosie and enjoys sport, cooking, entertaining, travelling and good stories.


• Commissioned at the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst;
• A Registered Representative of The Securities Association, London Stock Exchange;
• A Diploma in Cognitive Psychology, The Open University;
• An Honours Degree in Psychology and Business Studies;
• A Masters Degree in Organisational Psychology;
• A Business Practioner Certification in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP);
• A Certification in Clinical Hypnotherapy from the London College of Clinical Hypnosis;

Contact Details

Telephone: 01242 870548
Mobile: 07973 792741
Email: jmckevie@cwcom.net
Website: www.coachingforsolutions.co.uk

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