Marian Borde

Marian is a business psychologist and senior manager with a twenty-year track record of leading and implementing change, for individuals, for teams and for organisations. Her experience as a coach, facilitator and communicator challenges the status quo and stimulates thinking ‘out of the box’ to deliver sustainable solutions.

Marian has a sound track record of facilitating real change. Her talents include communication, objectivity and analytical thinking. With and energetic and flexible manner, she has the capacity to view problems from all perspectives, then to connect and communicate ideas.

A determination to make a difference ensures that her work is always focused on relevant details, always conducted with a sense of humour and that the process of challenge and change is enjoyable.

Marian integrates well at the senior level, having the objectivity to take a helicopter view, to separate herself from minutiae and to challenge without threat.

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Telephone: 0141 341 3434
Mobile: 07803 362 824

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