Newsletter : April 2009

Courses Dates Summer/Autumn 2009

Our open courses are running at The Stirling Management Centre in Scotland plus we have an ILM L5 running in Belfast in the summer. They are designed for in-house coaches and independent consultants working in the areas of management, business, leadership and executive coaching.

ILM L5 Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring in Management
1st Sept, 29th Sept, 27 October (£1,700 plus Vat £1995.00)

ILM L5 Diploma for Professional Management Coaches and Mentors
1st Sept, 29th Sept, 27 October, 24th November (£1995 plus Vat £2294.25)

Also running in Belfast on the 1st June, 25th June, 2nd July, and the 1st October.

Certificate of Professional Development, accredited by Strathclyde University
1st Sept, 29th Sept, 27 & 28th October, 24th November, 15 December (£3550 plus Vat £4312.50)

Which programme? Contact Lorna@cfmconsulting.netor call 07876 356 073

Client’s Corner, Stewart Wallace of Kippoint Consultancy…Making Vision A Reality

“Managing change in University spin out technology businesses presents its own set of challenges. Often CTO’s and academics in particular do not look at things the way people in the commercial world do. As such coaching is an invaluable tool to get the best out of scientists and academics by creating an environment where they can open up and become receptive to new business ideas and change. This requires careful man management, good emphatic listening skills and an ability to build trust. The coaching skills I learned through CFM have enabled me to deal with managing change within early stage businesses much more professionally. I have surprised myself at how easy it has been to establish good rapport and get the most out of executives who for many are “difficult” people. Becoming a Executive Coach has significantly broadened my communications skills and given me the confidence to expand KPC by offering a wider range of management consultancy, coaching and mentoring services.”

View From The Hill

“We all get used to things as we go through life; stuck in our ways and our routines. Sometimes we change our approaches through a plan. In the tennis world Andy Murray has just changed his coach from Miles Maclagan – who will remain as his hitting partner and overall coach – to Alex Carretja (the former Spanish world number 2) as his coach for the clay court season until the Queen’s tournament. For some of us though change only comes when it is forced upon us. Due to an unfortunate incident three weeks ago, I was forced into using crutches to get around and not allowed to drive for two weeks. It not only made me see things from a different perspective, but also made me appreciate how difficult change is. It takes a great deal of dedication, drive and determination to change and I think it may be too easy for the coach to forget that. I have always maintained that you coach the cause and manage the effect. As a coach we strive to find the underlying cause to our client’s dilemma. Then ask significant questions to raise their awareness of possible causes, allowing them to come up with some appropriate ways forward. I wonder then, how often we do this of ourselves without it being forced upon us? Have a good month

How Does An HR Professional Switch Off From The ‘Day Job’ And Become A Great Coach?

So often I read articles in coaching and HR journals about ‘How do line managers become coaches?’ and the difference between managing and coaching their employees. What I have not seen is an article supporting HR professionals in the same way. There appears to be an un-written expectation in business that because coaching is very often a by-product of the HR function and, as HR professionals ‘people’ are our business, we must therefore know how to manage the differences between being in HR mode and coaching mode…

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