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As the market for coaching becomes more established clients are increasingly expecting their coaches to be qualified via credible bodies. Our courses are accredited by leading business educators – The Institute of Leadership and Management and University of Strathclyde. Designed for in-house coaches and independent consultants our students span all sectors, public and private. Which course? or call 07876 356 073

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CFM’s Client’s Corner Features Julie Preston, Scottish Prison Service College

The following quote from the Governor of the Open Estate perhaps best evidences where we are in developing a coaching culture within SPS and the reason why we will continue to work towards this: “Since completing my award I have continued to use the tools in a variety of business settings. This has included one to one and group meetings. Along with my Deputy Governor, we have tried to mainstream some of the thinking to improve the capacity and delivery of our management team. I have seen tangible benefits particularly in regard to delivery of our service agreement and the increased motivational levels of our team….

View From The Hill

It is interesting times for the marketplace as far as coaching is concerned. We have recently been asked by potential clients for some thoughts around coaching in their organisations. We have spoken with them regarding some good sound principles such as contracting and breadth of approaches. The response has been quite interesting to say the least! It ranges from “yeah, yeah, we know about contracting and GROW, Skill/Will etc but what is next?” to “what do you meancontracting?” This may seem like an old message from me, but there are two points here. The quality of the coaching is only as high as the quality of the contract. No amount of functional models will make up for inappropriate behaviour in coaching. Competent contracting makes for effective coaching so it is a fair hypothesis that contracting can be useful in management also. How could we contract better for appraisals, team briefing and training sessions to name but a few? These should be some of the next steps if contracting is working well. But I got a real sense of urgency and impatience from the conversations mentioned above. I really felt and told these companies that they were looking for a sticking plaster approach instead of embedding coaching as part of the foundation of good organisational and people development.

The second point reinforced this. People can’t do coaching – you have to be a Coach. Coaching for me is more about how you are, not what you do. It is exactly the same as parenting – we don’t do parenting – we are a parent. My experience is that when I “do” parenting my daughter is very quick to tell me! From experience many managers are trying to “do” coaching instead of being a coach. It has always been the case to work on the cause and the effect will change. We need to look at the behaviours and make up of the managers to ensure that it is conducive to good coaching – it makes being a coach easier. Given that the spend on coaching has increased over the past 5 years, how many companies have added coaching or conducive behaviours to their selection criteria? If this was checked and developed at the selection process there would be better value for money from many of the appointments and coaching developments in companies.

My view? Don’t rush onto the next big thing. Get the basics right first and it will make it much easier to build competent coaches and coaching cultures in the future.

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