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Peter Hill“Completing the Diploma helped me on a number of levels:- it reinforced my strengths, helped develop me in new areas, expanded my understanding of the core underyling principles and provided me with a number of insights into how to work to the highest professional and ethical standards through effective up-front contracting. I now feel more capable and more professional as a coach and I found the supervisory feedback from Lorna and Peter particularly useful.”
Derek Thomson Executive Coach

Continuing Professional Development is essential to keep up with current trends and learning, or we may actually move backwards in real terms. Sometimes it is worth looking at a process to get in touch with what needs to be done.

• Step one should identify the current knowledge base
• Step two, look at how current this knowledge is
• Step three, look at the gaps in current knowledge in relation to the following areas
• What is being talked about on your current networks?
• What is being aired in the trade press?
• What is being discussed on Linkedin, Twitter, etc?
• What is your coach/supervisor interested in?
• What are the conclusions of the most recent domain survey? The American Management Association has just released a good US based one (thanks go to Ian Chisholm for this one).
• What conference papers are being called for by the EMCC, AoC, ICF, GCC etc?

• Step four design a plan that prioritises the subject knowledge and the acquisition of that knowledge – academic and pragmatic. For example, I need to know about US buying trends of executive coaching. But I need to know and use UK buying trends of executive coaching as this is where I currently ply my trade.

• Step five is to put the plan into action • Step six evaluate the learning – ‘qualitatively’ using a narrative to describe the learning, say writing it up for a qualification such as the ILM level 5 & 7 diplomas in Coaching & Mentoring or ‘quantitatively’ using some kind of numbers based analysis to see if there is an improvement in knowledge acquisition.

Using a process similar to this can help bring diligence to the art of Continuing Professional Development. I hope this helps and that you are having a good summer.

Coaching Across Cultures – Some Reflections, by Roma Menlowe

roma menlowe

Roma Menlowe trained with CFM in 2009. She recently undertook a volunteer assignment to a human rights charity in Orissa, India. Here she reflects on the challenges of coaching and mentoring in a different environment.

“….how would I apply the principles I learned at CFM? How much of the theory and practice of coaching and mentoring would be relevant in a very different culture? What challenges would I face?”

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