Newsletter : February 2010

View From The Hill

“OK gents, here’s the picture. The world’s getting warmer, carnivore’s are on the increase, water levels are rising – and we’ve got a brain the size of a walnut!” This is the line from the Dinosaurs Conference in the Gary Larson Far Side cartoon. Whilst there is two sides to this cartoon – the serious and humorous side – there is also a wonderful metaphor around change. 2010 promises to be an interesting year as far as change is concerned.
We have always been aware of change and ironically people say it is one of the few constants in the business world. But what is different this time is a lack of vision from the leaders that is causing confusion. Even the main political parties are keeping their “powder dry” as far as their vision for the future is concerned. This makes it difficult for coaches as people are reluctant to move forward, even recruitment agencies who have jobs available are finding that people are reluctant to” jump ship” preferring the tedious security rather than forging ahead. ” In times like these, I find that The Principled Pillars of Change” work well. These common sense pillars are good beacons to guide us in the absence of a vision. Irrespective of what the change brings these pillars stand fast and are robust enough to not only see us through, but take us well into the future.

1. Look forward: it always helps to look where you are going! It brings focus, aim and hope if needed
2. Be ethical with People, Policies and Practices: Expose of MP expenses demonstrates this.
3. First with the head and then with the heart: think things through, but don’t ignore your emotional sensors as they can tell us more than we know.
4. Strive to deliver a professional result: true professionalism will be appreciated.
5. Be proud to leave your legacy: we’re not here forever and should leave something to be proud of.
Think about these and try them on yourself and if applicable share them with your clients. Have a good month

Profession? Or Professionalization? By Dr Alf Hatton

alf hattonAccess Wikipedia and you will find some twenty-one features that denote a profession. There are, of course, other definitions, and even a small body of academically rigorous research on ‘professions’, but Wikipedia will suffice as a starting point. Clearly, not all professions need to match all twenty-one. Which, if any, of these does UK Coaching/Mentoring currently match and how well? Without being overly critical of Coaching/Mentoring’s current ‘state of play’ as a profession, there is clearly some way to go before the gap is closed on high status professions such as law and medicine. The current accreditation focus (e.g. EMCC, Association for Coaching)…

CFM Coaching Club ‘A Place To Develop’

We were delighted to get such a great turnout for our 2nd Coaching Club in December at the University of Edinburgh Business School. Peter Hill lead an informative and interactive session around using ‘observation and feedback effectively to develop your coaching practice’. Feedback from delegates, who came from a range of organisations and independent consultancies, was how motivating it was to network in such a relaxed forum. Also the sense of real value they got from the new coaching models, that they could take straight back to use in their own practice. Some left with plans to create a peer supervision network, to keep developing best practice and support.
Many thanks to our hosts Edinburgh University Business School for creating an inspiring “Place To Develop”.

Our next event is planned for April 2010. Watch this space for details.

To register interest in our Coaching Club email or call 07876 356 073

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