Newsletter : February 2012

View From The Hill

peter hillOver the past few months I have been working with a number of therapists from all different walks of life. It has been fascinating to watch them in action both in a therapeutic and supervisory role.

As most of you are aware, in the domain of coaching we are often asked the differences between coaching and counselling. The best way to make the distinction in my opinion is to observe them. They use their senses more than a lot of coaches do; they have more patience than a lot of coaches have; they allow more time for introspective reflection and they model an amazing amount of non directive techniques. It is well worth observing and having a chat with any therapists that you know.

On the subject of differences, we have pleasure in announcing that our new website ( has now been launched and after a lot of work by Lorna Reid, who as well as being a professional coach, manages our marketing and public courses. Also thanks to Alan at Farmore, our hosting company, who has also put in a few shifts to enable this project. We hope the new site gives you resources and encouragement to develop your coaching further!

Have a good month.

Intuition in Coaching, By Mary Musselbrook

The whole topic of intuition in coaching has been weaving through my thinking in the last month or so. What I’ve noticed is that what intuition means to me has changed.
In the coaching context, I would, in the past, have considered it to be those moments where (seemingly unprompted) I picked up an issue that was implicit rather than explicit in the interaction … and in my excitement, I would pronounce with a flourish (mental at least) what I understood the issue to be. (E.g. I sense that there are difficulties in your relationship with your boss) Or, on the assumption that I was right, I would quietly incorporate my interpretation into the interchange (e.g. look out for an opportunity to suggest some work on managing difficult relationships)….

Mary Musselbrook (

CPD Event Calendar 2012

A big thanks to Jeff Allison of JAT Ltd. for an engaging session on Motivational Interviewing held by our sponsors the University of Edinburgh Business School. This was a very well attended event and the feedback has been excellent. We are taking names now for the events below, which are both proving to be very popular topics.

Thursday 17 May Wellness Coaching with Lisa Esslemont, Wellness Coach

Wednesday 5 September Mental Health First Aid workshop for Coaches with Shirley Ballinghall of SMB Coaching

Registration at 9.15 to 12 noon + informal sandwich buffet. £10 fee paid on the day.

Email to register interest.

Autumn Dates Now Available

ILM L5 Diploma for Professional Coaches and Mentors for those significantly involved in management coaching/mentoring inhouse or as independent consultants.

ILM L7 Diploma for Professional Executive Coaches and Leadership Mentoring this challenging course is our most advanced qualification for those working at a senior executive coaching level.

Open courses are held at Stirling Management Centre, Scotland or contact us to talk about in-house courses

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