Newsletter : January 2009

ILM Coaching and Mentoring Diploma L5 Places Still Booking

All L7 places are fully booked (on the ILM L5/L7 programme) but we still have a couple of L5 places left. We start on Tuesday 20th January so contact me now for bookings or enquiries or call 07876 356 073. For Dates and Details

Pooled Inspiration

Pooled Inspiration When I was given a deadline for this article I thought “I’ll see if I’m inspired in the next couple of days”. And the next day, there it was staring me in the face, true inspiration at 7.30am in the local leisure centre.

For several months I have been going for an early morning swim. Each morning I share the pool with a regular band of lovely people, none of whom I know well but there are lots of hellos and smiles and idle chit chat in the shower. Over the last few weeks one of my fellow bathers has totally inspired me; Kathleen is extraordinary…

View From The Hill

Welcome to 2009 and all the promise it brings. The past months have seen some phenomenal changes in the world that very few predicted. There has been an air of despondency about it. For many that is understandable. But were we really hanging on to what was not serving us anyway? I have often said that “if everyone became a coach there would still not be enough coaches in the world!” Given the issues that coaches have to deal with and the number of people we encounter that are unhappy in their current post, it strikes me that we had settled into an “uncomfortable comfort” with ourselves, our positions and our relationships. Now just might be the time to go out and be who you are going to be – but remember – be who you are, not who you are not!

Many are using coaching to bring about the change that is needed – introducing a coaching culture is high on many people’s agenda. The use of psychometric profiling is also very high. To this end I would acknowledge the editor and staff of this month’s Training Journal who have pulled out all the stops to aid us in our CPD. Well worth looking at.

Finally, thanks to Jane Hooper for the insightful article below, that demonstrates how we can draw strength, learning and inspiration from those all around us in life and work.

Have a good start to 2009.

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