Newsletter : June 2011

View From The Hill

Feedback in abundance!
Having just finished marking the 4 assignments for the 17 successful, delegates on the University of Edinburgh’s Business Coaching course, I had to give careful consideration to how the marks are fedback to them. Yes they are in writing, but I wanted to make sure the feedback was going to enhance their performance, assist their learning and not detract from the fact that they were all of a very high standard. Another thing I had to consider was the course was multi cultural and multi racial. If ever I needed to consider the exercise I have performed with many delegates around the use of ‘maps’, now was it!

The feedback was helped immensely by setting the standard of pass/fail before the assignments were even set. This gave me something to feedback on rather than someone to feedback on – subtle but big difference.

Next up I started from a point of abundance – everyone got 100% – this made it easier to justify what made up the great aspects of their responses.

The third stage was to look at where the maximum learning areas were – usually defined by the bits I would have expected to be in the response, but weren’t! This is where the mark dropped from 100% to the mark that was actually given.

The final part was to be clear about what I was saying and add at least one suggestion that would improve the mark.

In doing this I think I have worked through a systematic way of delivering feedback in a meaningful, pragmatic and professional manner, that the delegates appreciate.

OK so that last part is on my map of the world – but I’ll be as interested in their feedback on my performance as they are on my feedback on theirs!

Have a good month.

‘A Place To Develop’ CPD Event On Career Coaching 5th September

A big thanks to Executive Coach, Katherine St John-Brooks for making the trip from London (for last month’s CPD event) to share her research into Ethical Dilemmas for coaches, commissioned by the EMCC. The research was extremely valuable and particularly pointed to the importance of clear contracting with clients at the outset of the coaching relationship. Also the need for organisations to offer their coaches more support in terms of training and ongoing supervision.
Our next CPD event is around Career Counselling for Coaches, by Occupational Psychologist Diana Dawson. University of Edinburgh Business School on Monday 5th September, 9.15 to 12 noon (sandwich lunch). £10.00 paid on the day.
The content of the seminars always offers new insights and the cross-sector delegate list gives everyone the chance to expand networks and knowledge.
Early booking is adviseable, please contact Lorna Reid on to reserve a place.

Autumn Courses Booking Now

Our Autumn programme commences on 6th September 2011. Click on the link below for full details on courses, dates and costs or email with enquiries.
The Certificate of Performance in Business Coaching 2-day entry level qualification designed to enhance leadership and managerial competence
ILM L5 Certificate in Coaching & Mentoring in Management course for managers to build confidence to perform effectively as coaches/mentors in the workplace.
ILM L5 Diploma for Professional Coaches and Mentors for those significantly involved in management coaching/mentoring inhouse or as independent consultants.
ILM L7 Diploma for Professional Executive Coaches and Leadership Mentoring this challenging course is our most advanced qualification for those working at a senior executive coaching level.
These open courses are held at Stirling Management Centre, Scotland. Or contact us to talk about our in-house coaching on

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