Newsletter : March 2011

View From The Hill

This month a number of client meetings have really got me thinking about how we build our future, and in particular, how much we rely on the past to create it. We are all a product of our own being and I’m convinced we have no idea of how much this hampers our progress. The “smart”ones will say that they are using the lessons from the past that’s why it important to hang on to the past in they way we do – nonsense, would be my reply. Even in coaching conversations a coach can see that the person is making the same mistakes again and again – so where is the recall and recollection of those lessons? The future is out there for us to design and build so why fill it up with the past. It is like driving a car with the handbrake on – it will go forward but not as fast and it will cause damage!

In two of my conversations this week, the future was created from the future. Real transformational stuff not just “change” doing something that hasn’t even been thought of – what challenges will we have in Nov 2011? What do we need to do now to meet those challenges? You will note that this is not a “head them off at the pass” strategy, but more of working with the challenges. There is a real appreciation that we need to go through that “challenge” to find a way forward. PFP (prudent future planning) was the phrase that was coined.

In the other example, a doctors surgery(practice and physical buildings) was looked at and the following position was imposed: “how would McDonald’ plan a doctors surgery?” Speaking from experience, Ray Croc, the founder of McDonalds built the organisation on the principles of Q,S & C – quality, service and cleanliness. Combine this with the production principles of throughput and you can see a real way forward using innovation and creativity in the design and running of a typical doctors surgery!
So how’s your future shaping up? Have a good month

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