Newsletter October 2014: New Business Social Platform from CFM

CFM launches New Business Social Platform – CFMi

After years of working with delegates in a more traditional pen and paper approach, CFM has entered the new digital age with impact. We have developed a Business Social Platform (BSP) that enables total mobility in your learning, total support for achieving your qualifications and total flexibility in your development.

This month, we will be launching this interactive platform that allows all past delegates to interact with other coaches, gain access to resources, see video clips of past CFM CPD days, video conference on future events and much more.

New delegates will be able to enter their course notes and records (confidentially) through bespoke templates from anywhere: desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile smart phone! Yes you can actually enter your course write ups on the train back from the courses or coaching sessions!

The new platform will reside in the main CFM Consulting Ltd. website and is by invitation only. An easy way to think of the new platform is to think of LinkedIn plus VAT. And it is free to past and present delegates. It also combines the LinkedIn approach with Facebook, Skype and Wikipedia – indeed we even have our own Wiki page – CFM Wiki !

Over the next few months we will be updating the course records to add groups and members to the site, so please be patient with us during this period. If you wish to send an email to us with any new contact details on please do and we will ensure that your invite to join is up to-date.

We hope that you are as excited as us about this new development that allows CFM to continue to “enable people to lead the lives they were born to live”

Have a good month

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New Level 7 Diploma in Coaching Supervision

This programme consists of four one-day workshops conducted three months apart over the course of a year. This allows for fieldwork to be conducted between the workshops and professional supervision and guidance form our team of highly qualified staff.

This qualification is suitable for trained coaches who need to deliver coaching supervision internally for their organisation, or as a professional freelance coach supervisor. The Level 7 Diploma in Coaching Supervision aims to equip professional coaches with the supervision skills and knowledge needed to practice as confident and competent coaching supervisors.

Email us on for more information


• Developing as a supervisor
• The core skills and qualities needed to be a supervisor
• The supervision process
• Contracting
• Models of supervision
• The ethical and legal issues in supervision
• Embedding supervision as part of a wider organisational coaching strategy
• Evaluating the impact of coaching supervision
• Using supervision in a group and peer context

Benefits For The Individual

Coaching supervision can be an essential part of your CPD and helps maintain your own professional competence
Understand the purpose and principles of coaching supervision
Critically assess and reflect on your own ability to perform as an effective coaching supervisor
Develop the skills and theoretical knowledge of coaching supervision methods, approaches, reflective practices and activity
Evaluate the contribution of coaching supervision to stakeholders.

Benefits For The Organisation

Coaching supervision is a key process for organisations providing in-house coaching
Develop coaches who are able to use the feedback from supervisory sessions to plan their own and others’ professional development
Benchmark your organisation’s practice against an accepted framework
Ensure your coaches are properly equipped with the skills, knowledge and ethical understanding they need
Meet clients’ supervision needs through effective assessment and relationship building.


Peter Hill was on the steering committee for this qualification from ILM, having run the ILM Level 3, 5 & 7 coaching qualifications for ten years through CFM Consulting Ltd, along with Coaching and Mentoring Qualifications from the University of Strathclyde Business School and the University of Edinburgh Business School. Peter was qualified through the Centre for Supervision Training & Development and brings a breadth of practice and experience that is unparalleled in the industry.


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11 February 2014
13 May 2014
19 August 2014


£3495 plus VAT @ 20% (£699)
Total £4,194 Read More On Supervision

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