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pauline willisPauline is one of the UK’s leading experts in field of Coaching & Mentoring and in addition to her work as an executive coach and coach supervisor she specialises in the development of competency based assessment and evaluation processes for measuring coaching and mentoring practice and evaluating programme success.

A BPS Chartered Occupational Psychologist and Member of the APS College of Organisational Psychologists, Pauline is both qualified and highly experienced as a Business and Coaching Psychologist. Her professionalism and leadership within the field has led to her election as Chair of the BPS Coaching Psychology Forum and appointment as External Advisor for the MA Programme in Coaching & Mentoring at Oxford Brookes University. Pauline sits on the editorial panel of The Coaching Psychologist and as a member of the CIPD’s advisory panel for Coaching & Mentoring practice has made a significant contribution to the CIPD Buyers guide for Coaching Services. She also leads the European Mentoring & Coaching Council’s Standards project to create European Standards for coach training and practice. Coaching Experience

Pauline provides one-to-one executive and performance coaching for leaders and high potentials. Her international experience ranges from working with young, dynamic and entrepreneurial leaders of technology based SME’s through to director level leaders in large blue chip financial corporates. A key focus on supporting the achievement of leadership potential as well as integrating personal goals for success with both short and long term business objectives.

Approach and Style

Taking a flexible approach to coaching practice Pauline adapts her style and approach to the needs of the individual and organisational circumstances. Personal and leadership competences including Self Awareness, Self Management and Personal Impact are developed by supporting each individual’s uniqueness and not by imposing a rigid model of how leaders should behave. This is a very popular and successful approach with high flyers who possess very high levels of intellectual ability, independence and a strong personal style.

Her approach is characterised by the following core principles:
Integration with corporate values and goals
Focus on achievement of specific, measurable objectives
Supporting clients to develop personal responsibility and motivation for managing their ongoing development needs
Focus on actual working environment (the ‘real world’) and associated business issues

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Telephone: 01865 749958
Mobile: 07887 727064
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