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Welcome to the Executive and Performance coaches approved by CFM Consulting Ltd. for their coaching programme. All of the Coaches have an excellent track record and are well versed in the three main types of Coaching as listed below.
There are three types of executive coaching and the desired type will determine the coach you pick.

(1) Traditional: The traditional approach is used to help executives learn how to define tasks and processes. This form of coaching looks more like training. It can be used, for example, to teach managers presentation skills, conflict resolution ability or assertiveness.
The coach must know the subject inside out. They are there to build the knowledge and skills of candidates through demonstration, practice and feedback. Evaluating the success of the traditional method can be done by assessing improvements in skills.

(2) Transitional: Transitional coaching looks very different to the traditional approach and is used for different reasons. In traditional coaching, the coach should know all the answers, but with a transitional style, this is not possible or desirable.
This method should be applied if there has been a large-scale change in your organisational structure or approach that means the team or department needs to find successful new ways of working.
The coach’s role is to pose questions, but not to provide answers. The process is designed to help the organisation work out the best solution to a specific situation.

(3) Transformational: Transformational coaching is aimed at very senior levels, and in some respects, is the most challenging of all three approaches. The aim is to enable individuals and/or entire organisations to envisage and move towards completely new ways of working.
Often the transformational option is appropriate when a company or an individual has a clear vision of the future and wants to build a bridge from that vision to where they currently are. It often calls for “blue sky” thinking – an uncluttered approach.
It usually involves the coach working with groups of senior managers or boards. Projects typically run for 1-3 years, with the coach working with the group on a monthly basis to constantly challenge their thinking. Without the right coach it can be difficult for management teams to consider changing what they think is set in stone.


to browse through the coaches to see if they meet your operational and developmental needs
Using the contact details provided, contact your preferred coach for an initial discussion to see if they meet your requirements
If they do, arrange an appointment to discuss the approach and process further using your HR department if appropriate
If they don’t, select another and then contact them as before.

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