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The Social Enterprise Academy design and deliver programmes for the social economy and community regeneration sector, with a particular focus on individuals and their development as social entrepreneurial leaders.< The Social Enterprise Academy is an ILM Centre. The Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM) is a professional body with a world wide network of over 2000 accredited centres providing flexible and practical management development programmes which are quality assured to the ILM's standards. Official Site »

The Social Enterprise Academy works in partnership with CFM Consulting to offer coaching for social innovation.
Why coaching for social innovation?
Social enterprise is a new model for doing business. It is not private, public or voluntary sector but combines the strengths of all three. A social entrepreneur needs the business acumen of the private sector, the strategic thinking of the public sector, and the conscience of the third sector. This requires entrepreneurial flair, innovation and self-reliance.
The Social Enterprise Academy underpins the development of outstanding leaders for this new way of doing business and to foster a culture of learning and peer exchange to generate enterprising solutions.
What is involved in coaching?
Coaching is the art of facilitating the development, learning and enhanced performance of another. This ranges from a non-directive (pull) approach to a directive (push) approach. It is always pro-active and as a coach you do not always need any knowledge of the subject being coached. You do, however, need a degree of competence in the field of coaching.
The Social Enterprise Academy offers a range of opportunities for using coaching as a tool to develop leadership and professional practice for people who are using an entrepreneurial approach to create social and environmental benefit.

What does the Social Enterprise Academy offer?

Tailored coaching programmes – contact us to discuss your particular requirements
Co-coaching skills and practice: a 4 day programme
Coaching for leadership development: a 2 day module
If you are working in a social enterprise, you may be able to access bursary funding for these programmes.

What qualifications do your coaches have?

Our team of coaches are qualified with the Institute of Leadership & Management Diploma in Management Coaching and Mentoring or equivalent. They are also experienced practitioners in the field of social innovation.
We work in partnership with CFM Consulting, a leading coaching agency, adhering to their code of ethics and best practice guidelines. For further information, please see our leaflet entitled: Code of Ethics for Coaching.


Co-coaching is a powerful way of working together with your peers to strengthen your practice and develop your leadership skills.
A co-coaching session comprises two equal periods of time focussing on the issues of one then the other person. There are clear roles, with each in turn using coaching tools to help the other in a peer learning exchange.

In this programme, you will attend a two-day co-coaching module which provides you with a grounding in the skills and practice of coaching. You then engage in co-coaching with a peer practitioner and attend two further days to reflect on and develop your coaching skills.
It requires commitment to co-coaching out with the four workshop days. For further information about this programme, please see our detailed leaflet.

Fee for 4 day programme (if you qualify for a bursary): £190.


This is a two day module for people interested in learning about coaching and developing coaching techniques to use in the workshop within a leadership role.
It can be taken as a stand alone module or as part of an accredited programme. For further information about this module, please see our detailed leaflet.

Fee for 2 day module (if you qualify for a bursary): £95.

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