Team Sociomapping

Sociomapping – A New Approach To Establishing Successful Teams And Leveraging Organisational Performance
Practitioners implementing coaching as an organizational intervention are increasingly demanding evidence based approaches to coaching programme design, delivery and evaluation. Evaluation of the impact of coaching has been challenging especially in team environments due to the complexity and difficulty of establishing linkages between the intervention used and perceived outcomes used as impact variables.

SociomappingT is a new method of visualizing social data in organizations developed by Czech psychologist Dr Radvan Bahbouh, Ph.D. The products that have been launched to make this toolkit accessible and available for use in both research and practice are published by his company QED GROUP a.s.
Developed originally in the context of the Czech Air Force and European Space Agency for assessing and selecting teams to work in very high pressure environments, this toolkit has been further refined over 15 years through a rigorous research and development process. SociomappingT provides either the coaching practitioner with a means of representing team dynamics at different points in time and offers a process for aggregating data from different sources into an accessible format. SociomappingT enables the practitioner to collect perception based data as well as hard performance measures. Data is presented as a SociomapT which is intuitive to understand and offers an effective platform for collaborative team development.

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