Consultancy, Coaching and Development

Course Overview

This is an entry-level workshop looking into the fundamentals of workplace coaching. It requires a blend of theory and practice to complete and it has a duration of two days.
This two-day programme is delivered with a month between each workshop

Duration: 3 Years – typically completed within a year

Fees: £995.00 plus VAT @ 20% (£199.00) Total – £1,194.00


Assignment plus coaching portfolio

The assessment is the construction of a portfolio consisting of the following components:

  • Statement of Learning
  • Code of Conduct and Contracting Letter
  • Coaching Practice record – 5 Hours of Recorded workplace coaching with at least 2 different workplace clients
  • Coaching Competencies – Self Assessment
  • Coach Development Assignment – covering workplace coaching principles, coaching contracts and planning and coaching skills and practices
  • Evaluation form

Topics covered include

What is Coaching? Feedback Skills
The Four Propositions Skill/Will Matrix
The Coaching Spectrum and FOE Factor The Rule of Three
The GROW Model Review of Coaching Practice
Coaching Practice Coaching Competencies