Consultancy, Coaching and Development

Course Overview

This four-day programme is rolled out over a 6-month period and is designed to use coaching with clients or coaching operations within any organisation. It covers the areas outlined below.Over and above this content, there are also six supervision sessions diarised during the course of the programme to ensure reflective learning takes place.

Duration: 3 Years – typically completed within two years
Fees: Cost per Person £2,250 plus 20% VAT (£450) Total £2,700
Location: STEP, Stirling Enterprise Park, John Player Building, Stirling, FK7 7RP.
Course Dates:

Spring Cohort 2021
24th February 2021
24th March 2021
21st April 2021
19th May 2021

Assignment 1

Understanding the principles and practice of effective coaching and mentoring at an executive or senior level.

This assignment asks you to demonstrate your understanding of the context in which effective coaching or mentoring operates. You should demonstrate understanding of the strategic and operational issues relating to coaching and mentoring for individuals and organisations. This assessment should take the form of a research project including and critically analysing substantial academic and organisational secondary information to answer the assessment tasks examining:

  • The context of coaching and mentoring within organisations.
  • Different applications of coaching and mentoring.
  • The conditions, skills and practice for coaching at a senior and strategic level.
  • The contribution of effective coaching and mentoring on organisational performance.
  • The case can be either “forward looking” or “backward looking”.

Assignment 2

Undertaking a period of supervised coaching or mentoring at an executive or senior level.

You are required to demonstrate practical application of coaching or mentoring in practice within an organisational, managerial or professional role. you will need to prepare for and undertake 20 hours coaching or mentoring with a minimum of 2, maximum of 3 senior clients and reflect on your performance using which should contain a record of:

The goals agreed with client(s) and a brief plan of each coaching session, and a auditable record summary of the coaching activity;
Feedback from the client/organisation relating to the achievement of the goals for the session;
Your reflections on your performance, what you have learnt from it and how you will use that learning to refine your personal development goals and future practice.

Assignment 3

Reflecting on your ability to perform effectively as a coach or mentor at an executive or senior level

This takes the form of a reflective review requiring you to complete in-depth and evidenced reflection and assessment of yourself in relation to the requirements and challenges of the coaching and mentoring role.You should have one-to-one discussions with your coaching supervisor to assist in your performance reflection. You should also collect feedback from those observing your coaching or mentoring sessions. This could include feedback from your supervisor or peers.

Course Contents

Coaching & Mentoring Definition Advanced Coaching Models
Coaching Contracts Coaching Practice under observation
Psychological Contracts Supervision
Theory of Core Qualities Assignment Supervision & Support
Coaching Competency Assessment & Analysis Cultural Implications for Coaching
Feedback Models Coaching Evaluation
Foundation Coaching Models CFMi Interactive Support Platform
Psychometric Profile