Consultancy, Coaching and Development

We offer a full design & build consultancy service on Mentoring schemes, from documentation through training and full implementation for your organisation.

Experienced in the training of mentors and mentees through the use of a blended learning approach, we ensure buy in and competence from both groups.

Working with the system administrators we identify train and develop the key roles within the mentoring scheme, drawing on best practice from different sectors such as Energy, Finance, Renewables, Manufacturing and Education.


Working with you to diagnose your needs and objectives for a mentoring scheme, we gather information from across your organisation, picking up on the barriers and cultural attributes that exist and whether they can help or hinder the next steps.


Once we have gathered the information from every area of your business we can work out and deliver an education programme to allow understanding of what mentoring is, what it isn’t and what it will do in your organisation.


The roll out of the implementation project is supported by CFM Consulting Ltd at every stage. Keeping a watching brief on the areas highlighted during the information stage and taking supportive corrective action if needed.


Based upon evaluation criteria gleaned from the information stage, we conduct interim evaluations to ensure a smooth implementation and ultimately a scheme fit for its purpose.