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This research library is continually growing on a national and global basis. Covering ground such as: Executive Coaching earnings, ICF Global Studies, Sherpa annual coaching reports, Coach selection research, public reports, Ridler reports, ILM Coaching research and international coaching news. Our members contribute to this by suggesting surveys and audits that enable their colleagues to benefit from their research.
Here we have collected and collated a number of articles around Coaching, Mentoring and Coaching supervision that you may find helpful in your studies and professional development. E Coaching, Listening Skills, Change through Coaching, Ethical Leadership, Coaching Evaluation, The CEO guide to boards, What to look for in Coaching qualifications, A guide to being coached, Return on Investment (ROI) on Psychometrics are just a number of the wide and diverse range of articles we have collated in this section. We are constantly on the lookout for new articles and update regularly.
Most of the models that we advocate on the programmes are on the little plastic cards, which can be bought in the shop. This section contains the briefing notes for the cards as well as many others around coaching, mentoring and coaching supervision. Many of our clients like to use these as pre-reading for their own development or to send on to others to prepare them for up and coming coaching sessions.
Did you know that as a coach or mentor podcasts can make you smarter? No wonder they are one of the most popular tools for learning and personal growth. You can listen to them in the background while doing activities that do not require your full attention. In our Podcast section we have relevant podcasts on Coaching and Mentoring from across the net and major global broadcasters. According to research, podcasts can; Improve your listening skills; enhance your focus and help your imagination become more vibrant as you picture the stories unfolding.
SlideShare is where we share the resources from our programmes and continuing professional development events with the participants. This allows participants on our events to take notes alongside the slides to ease the learning experience and on our CPD events it assists learning by ensuring that participants can focus on the event and pick up the notes later.
Our Webinars have been recorded and posted here to assist learning in a similar way to the podcasts. We have also spoken with fellow professionals who have agreed to let us post webinars here thereby giving you a much broader learning base. We have tried to cover topics that are connected with Coaching, Mentoring and Supervision as well as these core subjects.
This section lists the members of CFMi and connects you to them through their own linked in site. We endeavour to manage this site by ensuring that members are active. To this end members who have not used the service for six months will be archived to keep the database active and manageable.
Fully confidential file sharing – allowing candidates to enter details of coaching sessions, assessed elements, reflective reviews, Continuous Professional Development plans, competency questionnaires – both self-assessments and 360 assessments, coaching contracts and evaluation records. These can all then be reviewed by the tutor, assessed by the marker and, if required verified by the external verifier. At the end of the programme the records are removed by the candidate to ensure closure and confidentiality
This forum is available to all of our members and it allows them to share posts on their respective learning journeys, interesting articles, links to posts and articles that others may find useful in their development. Using a familiar format, it can be shared with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Likewise posts from these three business and social media platforms can be shared here too.
CFM has a dedicated YouTube channel that we search and add video clips about coaching, mentoring and supervision. We also collect media clips on tools and techniques within these disciplines. We have demonstrations of key models and clips of our tutors in action as well as clips from our CPD events. In some cases, we have captured clips from feature films that depict a specific approach to an aspect of coaching. This site also has a sub channel on TedTalks that shares insights from the best speakers in their field.