Consultancy, Coaching and Development

In the busy world of work, we are very often “too far into the woods to see the trees”. Whether the “woods” be corporate results or preferable lifestyles, the executive coach can help in this area. By providing a “harbour in the tempest” a coach can allow an individual the time and space to gain clarity and understanding in the way forward. The coach can supply listening and clear questions as to the ultimate objective, in a risk free environment.

Confidentiality, assured at the time of contracting, allows for a freedom of speech rarely available in the corporate world. Depending on the type of coaching required, the coach could also supply suggestions and/or alternative approaches.

There are three types of executive coaching and the desired type will determine the coach you pick.


Executive coaches at CFM can work at all levels and use a variety of tools to help clarify direction for individuals or teams. Also, we can work with instruments that the client may have already used, for example psychometric tests or 360º feedback reports.

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