Are you ready for this?

Resolution or Revolution?

Thoughts all processed? ducks lined up? all the stars aligned?….. and for what? A better sameness or a meaningful difference?

We all get stuck in a rut every now and again, even the planet does it – around the equator,  based around the North East and South West trade winds lies a period of calm, an inertia, a slump in the winds that used to drive the sailing vessels of the 19th Century. Sailors would carry on with the routines doing a better sameness until the vessel, carried by the tides and currents entered an area where the winds picked up and they would continue their voyage at a rate of knots. A better sameness saw them “get by”

Are those your plans for 2019 – to “get by”? hmmmm, I didn’t think so!

Let’s have a look at making a meaningful difference – swap the words around and look at what happens. How can we “make a difference that is full of meaning?”

  • to whom?
  • How?
  • To what end?
  • for whose benefit?
  • what will I need to stop doing?
  • what time will that give me?
  • How best shallop I use that time?
  • what are the small steps I need to take?
  • What impact am I expecting?
  • will it really, no really, make a difference?

these 10 questions can start you off in the right direction and with some reflection, some input and some commitment – its not easy, but it is worthwhile, you can make a meaningful difference.

Start by having a look at the dates for our CPD events and training courses. The next CPD is on the 6th March of at Scottish Enterprise offices Atrium Court, 50 Waterloo Street, Glasgow. and we are just finalising a speaker for that event so keep an eye out for our newsletter and changes to the website. The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons in Glasgow have offered to host the midsummer on a and we are just finalising the date and speaker for that one too. Speaking of which – the team from the college took part in Josh Littlejohn’s Social Bite’s “Sleep in the Park” in order to help & raise the plight of homelessness in Scotland. If you have some money kicking about and want to sponsor them, it’s still not too late – Click here to donate – they have done a fantastic job smashing their target, but help them take it to a new level please.

And of course we have our own programmes ILM 7 Diploma in Coaching Supervision in starting January and our ILM 5 & 7 courses starting in February. To book on any of these contact

Finally, many of you know Alison Page who qualified as an ILM level 7 diploma coach with us. Well, Alison dimmed the lights on her Coaching and Learning consultancy ‘Routes To Flourish’ in December 2017 and turned her attention to writing down some of the children’s stories that had been running around in her head for many years.

Able to focus and make great use of her own CFM ILM Level 7 coaching development, Alison published her first children’s picture book in the “Corrie’s Capers” series in July 2018.
“The Westie Fest” is proving to be a firm favourite, particularly with lovers of the Isle of Arran, Scotland and West Highland Terriers. The book was written with children between the ages of 3 and 6 years in mind but is appealing to all generations.
 At £7.99 “The Westie Fest” is an affordable Christmas gift for any child and Alison will happily sign and dedicate your book.
Alison can be contacted directly on her website by clicking here

Good luck with the book Alison, we have bought some for friends and relatives and would highly recommend them.


And remember go for that meaningful difference


Kind regards,





ILM Coach Training Programmes

The Spring 2019 ILM levels 5 & 7 Certificate and Diploma Programmes :

5th February 2019

5th March 2019

16th April 2019

14th May 2019

18th June  2019 (L7 Diploma only)

These highly interactive and participative programmes cover every aspect of coaching from chemistry and contracting, through psychological models and theories and leaving you with a solid grounding in closure and evaluation. The three assessments are supported with academic supervision and the CFM Alumni is there for those achieving these qualifications.
We currently have space on these programmes and have some excellent on course supervisors to assist with the observations during the programmes. The workshops are held in Stirling, Central Scotland. For further details please contact Fiona on 01786 821272 or who will be happy to talk you through the programmes and the assessed elements.


For further details please contact Fiona on 01786 821272 or



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coaching-consultancy-shopCFM runs open and in-house coaching qualification programmes throughout the UK – from beginner to master practitioner level. Could one of them be suitable for you or your staff? Please contact us to discuss on

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