ILM Coach Training Programmes

The Spring 2017 ILM levels 5 & 7 Certificate and Diploma Programmes :

21st February
21st March
25th April
30th May
20th June 2017 (L7 Diploma only)

These highly interactive and participative programmes cover every aspect of coaching from chemistry and contracting, through psychological models and theories and leaving you with a solid grounding in closure and evaluation. The three assessments are supported with academic supervision and the CFM Alumni is there for those achieving these qualifications.
We currently have space on these programmes and have some excellent on course supervisors to assist with the observations during the programmes. The workshops are held in Stirling, Central Scotland. For further details please contact Fiona on 01786 821272 or who will be happy to talk you through the programmes and the assessed elements.

New for 2017

We are also starting an ILM level 7 Supervision programme over 4 modules starting in Spring 2017. This is an “accredited elective programme”, which means you have the option to attend the workshops without taking the qualification. The workshops hold the same content, the supervision only varies to the extent that if you take the qualification, you receive academic supervision. There are no assessments if you do not take the qualification.

For further details please contact Fiona on 01786 821272 or

Food for thought – CPD bite size!


September CPD @ the BBC

The BBC have very kindly offered their continuing support to Coaches in Scotland by hosting the next CPD event at their studios in Pacific Quay in Glasgow on the 20th September 2016. We have secured, as the speaker for the event, Glenn Widelko, author of The Stretch Zone (ISBN 978-1-907798-20-7). His work on being confident here and now and releasing your true potential, is groundbreaking in the industry. Glenn is a learning facilitator and coach with a wealth of experience. As those of you will know from past experience, these events are well attended and an invaluable part of your CPD. To book a place, please contact Fiona on 01786 821272 or email her on

Date: 2oth September 2016
Time: 9.30 – 12.00 – Buffet lunch provided.
Venue: BBC Studios, 40 Pacific Quay, Glasgow, G51 1DA
Fee: 10.00 – cash, payable on the day.


concepts of coaching

Concepts of coaching
The book ” Concepts of Coaching” written in 2004 and published by ILM has now sold over 10,000 copies and still continues to be a solid resource to all of those that study and apply coaching practices. A worthwhile addition to any bookcase.


A good over view of the book is provided by the contents:
The Context of Coaching                                         Coaching qualifications
Definition of Coaching                     Planning a coaching intervention or programme
Further reading                                                         Listening
Questioning                                             Assessing your mentoring style
Practical learning styles                                       The Catalytic Toolkit
The Preparation of the coach                              The coaching contract
The inner game                                             Developing relationships
The four pillars of trust                                           The GROW model
Coaching Spectrum                                                  The suggestion map
The Skill/Will matrix                                               The STOP tool
Feedback                                                          Working with Metaphors
Clean Language                                                     Team Coaching
Ethics in Coaching                                                    Switching Perspectives
Action Planning                                                         The 3D Model
The Rule of Three                                             Coaching Evaluation
Bottom Line Benefits                                         CPD & Supervision

Copies are available by contacting

Coaching For More

coaching-consultancy-diceSince launching in 1999 CFM Consulting has grown to become one of the leaders in business and executive coaching in the UK and overseas, working across a range of sectors. We deliver courses for all levels from beginner to master practitioner. We also offer a variety of coaching and mentoring materials to support coaches and their clients. Any questions please drop a line to

Accredited Courses

coaching-consultancy-shopCFM runs open and in-house coaching qualification programmes throughout the UK – from beginner to master practitioner level. Could one of them be suitable for you or your staff? Please contact us to discuss on

You are invited to sign up to become a CFM member and we will keep you informed of all our coaching & mentoring developments. We also have new DVD’s and books in the shop too. Well worth looking at if you are considering your own development, or updating your resource centre.

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