ILM Coach Training Programmes

The Spring 2017 ILM levels 5 & 7 Certificate and Diploma Programmes :

21st February
21st March
25th April
30th May
20th June 2017 (L7 Diploma only)

These highly interactive and participative programmes cover every aspect of coaching from chemistry and contracting, through psychological models and theories and leaving you with a solid grounding in closure and evaluation. The three assessments are supported with academic supervision and the CFM Alumni is there for those achieving these qualifications.
We currently have space on these programmes and have some excellent on course supervisors to assist with the observations during the programmes. The workshops are held in Stirling, Central Scotland. For further details please contact Fiona on 01786 821272 or who will be happy to talk you through the programmes and the assessed elements.

New for 2017

We are also starting an ILM level 7 Supervision programme over 4 modules starting in Spring 2017. This is an “accredited elective programme”, which means you have the option to attend the workshops without taking the qualification. The workshops hold the same content, the supervision only varies to the extent that if you take the qualification, you receive academic supervision. There are no assessments if you do not take the qualification.

For further details please contact Fiona on 01786 821272 or

Another year round the Sun!

What a year for Coaching and Mentoring – and this could have been said every year for the last 24 years. The rise of Coaching & Mentoring in the workplace has grown exponentially. Back in 1991 there were no Universities in the United Kingdom offering Executive Coaching or Mentoring qualifications. Now there are over 100 programmes that you could study formally that fit into the national framework of Certificate, Diploma, Masters or Doctorate. Depending of what field of coaching you wish to go into will often determine the qualification you wish to take. However, remember, if you do something that you are passionate about for a living, you will never have to work another day in your life.

So how has your year shaped up?

  • How have you connected with your major stakeholders?
  • Not enough time spent at the office? – I didn’t think so!!
  • Finally got round to writing that book?
  • Started those assignments for your qualification? – you know who I am talking to!!!
  • Made that all important first step?

I must admit I fall into some of these and now vow publicly to connect with my old networks – good news for some – bad news for others!!; Start to pull the 4th book together and make that all important first step!

Last year I have seen many people take that all important step and they have flourished and somewhat selfishly, there is definitely an inner glow that i don’t normally reveal publicly, but I am so pleased for them and so proud of them at the same time.

Finally I am inspired by those good news stories; Ore and Joanne winning, Andy and Jamie finishing as world Number ones; Andrew Buchart shoulder to shoulder with Mo Farrah in his first Olympics; Karen Darke – overcoming every, yes everything that the world has thrown at her to really inspire us all to live life to the max, Jim Divine taking some amazing photographs and writing one amazing book and his wife, Trish, for having a go at every athletic challenge she can think of – and some she can’t!; Rachael Hurdman taking that first big step and succeeding: Keeley Middlebrooke for taking the first step and an even bigger second big step. The resurrection of the inner man that is Josh Quigley. These are the stories that inspire me and i know they inspire others. These people are not afraid to fail – because they are always learning.

So why are there no newspaper headlines of good news – “Good news doesn’t sell papers”

Is that such a bad thing if we don’t sell papers? Watching breakfast TV where the headlines of bad news are drummed into us every twenty minutes does not, to me, appear to be to start the day on a high!

Think about this for 2017 as it looms up, enjoy yourself, celebrate the good in us all and take care of others.

Have a good one, from all at CFM.


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